Welcome to the Defense Lawyers Association of Wyoming

We have formed to bring together Wyoming defense trial lawyers for the exchange of information, ideas, procedural techniques, court rulings, research and trends regarding the handling of civil defense matters; to enhance the knowledge and improve the skills of civil defense attorneys through education, association and communication; to elevate the standards of civil defense practice in Wyoming; to support, promote and advocate for the improvement of the adversarial system of justice by educating civil defense attorneys and judges/justices; to work for the elimination of court congestion and delays in civil defense litigation; to increase the quality of services the legal profession renders in Wyoming; and to work with and cooperate with other groups and organizations to accomplish the foregoing purposes.

DLAW is looking forward to providing members with an outstanding slate of CLEs and many opportunities to assist in strengthening and organizing the Wyoming defense bar, so that when issues that will impact the defense bar as a whole arise, we can make each other aware of them and hopefully assist each other in prevailing until the proper outcome is the standard outcome.

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  • Upcoming CLE and events:


    Tuesday April 16, 2024, 11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. CLE

    "The Use and Non-Use of Safety Equipment"

    Presented by Andre Lloyd, ESI, and Scott Ortiz

    via Webinar 


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